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    Default Can a Used Car Buyer Use an Inspection Sticker from a Previous Owner

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Massachusetts


    Do you know if a new inspection sticker is required within 7 days after registering a used car purchased from a private party if the car still has an inspection sticker valid for a few months?

    Some people told me yes, some told me no, arguing that it is an annual inspection attached to the vehicle, not to the owner. I found the regulation So CMR 540 4.03 1(a) says that "Inspection Upon Registration. Every owner or person in control of a motor vehicle which is newly acquired in the Commonwealth shall submit such motor vehicle for a required inspection within seven days of the date on which the motor vehicle is registered to said owner in the Commonwealth."

    Does it mean that inspection is only required when the vehicle is first "introduced" to Massahusetts and then annualy thereafter, or does it mean that the inspection needs to be redone within 7 days after every sale, even if the vehicle still has current MA inspection sticker?


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    Default Re: Inspection Sticker from Previous Owner in Massachusetts

    Yes, I do know.

    Doesn't matter if the inspection sticker is still good. The car changes hands; the car needs a new inspection.

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