My question involves personal property located in the State of: Nebraska

I was desperate to get into this new house and I did so, but not under the best circumstances. I agreed to partial ownership of the house even though it's my loan. I'm disabled and I need somebody to take care of me, so keep in mind the decisions I make can be a bit compromised. Anyways, now that I'm in the house, we both have partial ownership since we're both on the deed, to my understanding. But...yeah, guess what: He's got an annoying dog that barks too much. Not sure if I could make this case, but this thing aggravates my condition since I have severe anxiety and it barks really loudly and suddenly...something not good for my recovery from this. I still think I'm getting better but the dumb dog is definitely slowing down my progress a lot. I've told my dad about this but he just insists on keeping it since he has an emotional bond with the animal. (Really selfish and disgusting in my humble opinion!) He also wakes me up at night totally randomly. Probably an average of once a night or sometimes just early in the morning. That doesn't help me or my condition either, let's keep it to that.

So the question is, given the situation, do I have any legal grounds to force the dog out of my house? Or is this something for a social worker?