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    Default Does a Store Have to Honor an Online Purchase

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Tennessee.

    I purchased a product for $329. On Thursday of thanksgiving on back order, was purchased online with a card and received a confirmation number. 7 Days later I received a phone call stating they can no longer provide my purchase. Now I am being offered just the rifle for $299 with out the bag or scope.

    Main question is does Cabela's have to honor the orginal purchase or not. Have not contacted the provided phone number to what i'm calling the "negotiation of the deal" I also have a dead line until the 9th of December to accept.

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    Default Re: Does Cablea's Have to Honor an Online Purchase

    1 - That ad says "Limited Time Only."

    2 - At the bottom of Cabela's home page it says "Read our Legal Notices."

    When you click on that, you eventually come to Errors and Limitations:

    So the answer to your question is no, Cabela's doesn't have to honor the original purchase.

    Do what you can to "negotiate" something before the deadline. If you get nowhere, just accept the deal as is. Or not, and get a refund.

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    Default Re: Does Cablea's Have to Honor an Online Purchase

    Read the terms of the sale. Often times sales items that they may run out of have stipulations affording the seller the right to cancel the sale of the items are no longer in stock or available. That is legal as long as they have some initial items available (don’t recall the require amount they must have available).

    As well, some items are advertised as “limited stock”. When they run out they run out.

    So, without knowing all of the necessary facts, the best I can say is; it’s possible they don’t have to honor the sale.

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