I received a VC 22350 violation ticket today in CA. The description says "Prima Facie Speed". I was looking at the notice provided by the officer and there is incorrect information listed on the ticket. For Weather/Road Conditions/Traffic Condition its mentioned as Rain/Wet/Med. It was not raining. There was light rain previous night and the road was damp/wet (no puddles or stagnant water). Also the traffic was light as there were no cars ahead of me and behind me. Is there any way to point this now? Also, is there a way to prove that the weather conditions mentioned on the ticket is incorrect? Any past weather data I can provide? It was cloudy but not raining.
Also, my speed on the ticket is cited as 65 MPH in a 40 MPH zone which is not accurate. I was above the speed limit but was between 50-55 as I had just taken a left turn from an internal street and the cop stopped me few hundred meters after the turn. Is there a way to contest the ticket as I did not feel that it was unsafe driving as there was no one in front of me and no pedestrians and at no point I was losing control of the vehicle. Also, its a 4 lane (2 lanes each side) highway and a slight downward slope. Hence after taking the turn and accelerating (momentarily), I realized it and slowed down but the cop was already behind me.
I have not received the ticket in the mail yet. Is it worth contesting it as even if found guilty, the cost should have been lower as I was not going 15 MPH and certainly not 25 MPH above the speed limit as listed on the ticket? The officer did not mentioned how he measured my speed. On the ticket there is a LIDAR box and its empty.