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You mean the qme that retired? I’m a little lost. I’m sure he’s not going to cross examine.

I was just recently evaluated by a second qme. His report hasn’t been sent yet. I only saw the return to work voucher. The IC provided sent me an email so I’m not sure where they got it from.

Or do you mean the IC can object to it and request another panel? If this is an option, doesn’t it just make the qme process pointless?

I don’t know what the report will say but I don’t want to throw it out. Unless he somehow changes his mind and write a report that the IC wants to see. I’m not sure he will care about their advocacy letter or threats because he was very thorough. I think it was over an hour. He measured everything 2-3 times. Unlike the first qme where I was there for 10-15 minutes. He never measured anything because his arm was in a sling.
You have written at least once either here or elsewhere that the 1st QME died. But even if he retired he may not be available the be cross-examined.

That is enough questions about QMEs until you have read and understand what is in the link I provided.