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    Default Probation Officer Giving Dubious Information

    Hello everyone,

    Someone I know was recently stopped on a traffic violation and discovered there was a warrant. This person is now being held by authorities.

    According to this person, towards the end of a ten-year probation for drug possession (caught in texas on a hwy) he received a dui in another state where he was living. It was paid/classes attended. He always showed up for appointments, etc. with the po in the second state where he lived. After the dui, he had to report to the po in texas. He talked (phone) to the po in texas who eventually issued a warrant. According to him and a parent, the po did not instruct him to return to texas. The po did not send a written notice personally notifying him of the warrant, court dates, etc. - I've read on the texas p&p website that it is the person's right to receive this in writing. According to them (both were on the phone), the po told him to go on about his life even though it was he who would have issued the warrant.

    Now several years after the probation violation and a few years after they (he and po) last spoke, he is married, with children, a house, a good job, living in a third state and awaiting extradition to the first state.

    He thinks he should call up the po in podunk texas to ask what happened. I believe he got screwed by his po and should just get an attorney cuz his po is not on his payroll but on the da's where he works. if a mistake is made, he is not going to admit to it.

    Is it likely he will be sent to prison or receive a probation extension? He should get representation right? Do po's mess over their clients? I told him he should have gotten everything in writing.

    He said he just didn't think he had rights and that he was listening to the po.

    Please help.


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    Default Re: Probation Officer Giving Dubious Information

    Your friend should get a criminal defense lawyer and try to cut a deal which does not involve more incarceration.

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