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    Default What is the Procedure for Use of Polygraph Tests During Probation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Wyoming

    I have a question regarding required polygraph exams given as part of probation and counseling. Can someone tell me if it is normal practice to have a polygraph examiner to place a bag over the hand of the client before, and during the exam? This happened to my son, and he found it quite uncomfortable and odd. He said the entire time this bag was over his hand he could feel his hand begin to sweat. Condensation began to build inside the bag, and he could feel the electrodes attached to his fingers slide around. He mentioned this to his probation officer afterwards and he too did not seem to be aware of this as a normal practice. He never received an explanation on why he was subjected to this. I appreciate anyone that can give an answer in regards to this.

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    Default Re: Polygraph Procedure

    I've never heard of such a thing. And can find no reference to doing that on the internet.

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    Default Re: What is the Procedure for Use of Polygraph Tests During Probation

    If the result was a false positive test result, then your son should discuss the matter with his criminal defense lawyer.

    If not, then it's a matter to discuss with the probation officer (which your son has already done), and for the probation department to consider in relation to its continued use of the polygraph examiner. If they're using a police agency to perform the polygraph examination, then the question of proper procedure is something that could be raised with that agency.

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