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    Post How Do You Change Your Lawyer for a Workers Comp Case

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: New Jersey

    I filed a workers comp case in 2016 in court for a injury i had at work. So after a month of light duty i was put on work even though i had fracture on my leg which did not heal. Long story short workers comp doctor cleared me for work and then i went to my doctor for further treatment and then i went lawyer for filing workers comp case in court. Now it's been 2 years and yet i have not heard any word of any settlement. Today i called my attorney and he is saying that opposition lawyer is not willing to settle and ultimately i may get only $ 80 for out of court settlement as judge is also saying that i don't have a case. I want some advise from experts here on this forum as all of this stuff i am hearing is from my attorney and i am suspecting that he is misguiding me.

    1. What is the procedure to change the lawyer ? Do i need to pay him any fee for getting my file ? When i hired him, he told me that i don't need to pay anything as he will get certain percentage from the settlement that will be done in court. I feel like he is on opposition side and now all of a sudden after two years of false promises he is completely changed.

    2. What if i loose this case in court ? Is there anything such as counter sue by employer ? To be honest I have tried my best to furnish all necessary medical paperwork and proof to prove my case but i feel like my lawyer is not doing what he is suppose to.

    I would sincerely appreciate your advise !

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Case Pending in Court - Should I Change My Lawyer

    your new lawyer will take care of the paperwork transfering representation to them. how the atty fee will be split will be determined at the conclusion of the case. you can object to divison of fee.

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