Good Morning
I like to know if it is possible for someone to stay in United States after they are naturalized through marriage, but the marriage may not work out. This question may lead to me hiring an attorney, and I am posting to find out what is or is not possible. I am glad to elaborate so please let me know what details you need, and I'll respond. I am not an attorney and sometimes I explain too many details and sometimes not enough; so please help me out. I also like to know what are the deal breakers during the period between Green card and citizenship. Specifically, I am asking for my sister. Unfortunately due to the nature of divorce proceeding, both sides are bitter and may have made some allegations against each other. I like to know how this would impact her case, and what are some things which need to be explained, and addressed. As stated, I realize she needs a caring attorney at her side. This post, and what is exchanged is not meant to replace or diminish our reaching out to an attorney anyhow. We just like to be educated a bit please.