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    Default Transferring Car Title After a Bad Break-Up

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: California.

    To make a long and complicated story as simplified as possible: My current girlfriend and her EX boyfriend both owned the title (AND not OR) to a vehicle I was recently gifted by my girlfriend.

    About two months ago the EX boyfriend broke into our home, took some of his old junk, and broke several things in the home, leaving the doors wide open and thus losing our pet cats... The agreement was that in return for us not filing a police report and pressing charges, he would surrender the house key, and sign the title to the car allowing my girlfriend to sell the vehicle legally. We met on October 27th 2018 and although he was not happy, he was cooperative and signed the title in front of my girlfriend and myself, and brought the car back to my property. The next morning we came out and the car was gone, both set of keys removed from the home. Immediately I replaced every lock in the house like I should have the first time.

    It is now November 4th 2018. I called the police station (not as an emergency) and asked them what I could do about this since I know the law does not allow me to directly assume the crime he committed without sufficient evidence. The liability was changed into my name and I also have the receipt for the transfer of liability. I have all of the documents including title with both signatures, previous registration, maintenance records, and even the bill showing how much is due for registration, which happens to be expired right now. He did however take the current registration which happens to still be in his name as well as my current girlfriend's name.

    The EX boyfriend is a loser... As much as I dislike him I'm not necessarily trying to get him arrested and mess his whole life up but I do know for a fact he stole the vehicle from my property either late at night or early in the morning, took both sets of keys and the current registration.

    Our plan was to call the police and make an official report and mark the car as stolen this afternoon, however this morning we received an anonymous message from some number which seems to be fake, telling us that if we file a police report the EX boyfriend will tell them he did not sign the title and that my current girlfriend forged the signature without his consent which is absolutely untrue. He also mentioned he used his left hand (he is right-handed) to sign and that he could take it to court for fraud... I know that for a fact if we mark the car as stolen he will be arrested, what are the chances of him actually trying to pull something like this? Also, for the record this is a 2002 Subaru with salvage title, 190K miles, worth less than $2,000. Is it likely he would actually make a case out of this or would he be advised it is not cost-effective considering the vehicle's value? I would like to get my car back and I do believe reporting it to the police before he has time to make up a story would be the best idea... Any legal advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Legal Complication Between

    If you go through life being afraid of something someone MIGHT to, then I don't know what to tell you.

    He stole your car. Report it to the police.

    Whatever happens, you deal with it when it happens.

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    Default Re: Legal Complication Between

    You do you have the title with his signature on it, correct?

    I wouldn’t expect the cops to get all excited about this. You didn’t report the car stolen when you discovered it missing. The police may see this as something other than a stolen car and not do a thing. You’ll only know if you ever file a crime report

    btw: unless you have proof the guy took the car or the cops catch him with it or there is some evidence to support your claim he took it, well, there isnt enough evidence in what you have presented to prove he took the car. Due to that, I wouldn’t be too certain he will be arrested. So far, what you know is the car isn’t in your driveway.

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    Default Re: Legal Complication Between

    They might get lucky and he'll get caught in possession of the car.

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