My question involves insurance law for the state of: virginia

Hi, i recently got into an accident, police told me and the other driver to call our own insurance companies. we both made calls to our company, and following day, my insurance called me and interviewed, called other driver and had an interview as well. my insurance company called me back and said other drive is telling different story. So i called her insurance company and gave them the policy holder's info, and they said the file has been closed. its only been approximately 16hrs, I tried telling them its your policy holder's fault accident that happened night before, but insurance company kept on saying its already been closed. i asked them how its closed without calling me, only by listening to their policy holder's story. and they said what she said was that it was not her fault, i hit her so they closed it as not at fault. do i not have the right to call a night after to claim an accident to other driver's insurance company? i have pictures of both cars, road we were driving, and recorded driving that road the very next day. if i take this to a auto accident lawyer, what are the chances reopening this closed claim? my left shoulder, left hip and right knee is in pain, can this be enough reason to reopen the case if i hired a lawyer? thank you in advanced. its killing me because this happened friday evening. no law firm opens on saturday and sunday. its 2:55am sunday morning, can't go to sleep... please help.