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    Default Can Your Parents Withhold a Car That You Co-Own

    Hi, I'm 22 and live in Wisconsin. Legal documents were signed in Minnesota though.

    A month ago I got in a car crash and needed a new two vehicle. My family(using the term loosely) and I went to a local Volkswagen dealership. After some time it was decided that I could get a vehicle if my father co-signed for me which he did. Both him and I are on the car title as well as the loan. The real fun started two weeks after. I came home late one night and sometime in the middle of the night my mother took my keys from my pants her only objective was to take my set of the car keys. My question is what sort of legal recourse can I take to get my keys back? They also won't let me see the title or any of the documentation that was signed at the dealership. My mother told me my father called the bank to inquire about removing me from the loan and title but the bank told him that wasn't possible because the bank currently holds the title to the car as well and the only way to remove me off of any sort of legal documents would be to refinance the car (they can't afford to do that one bit) Again what options do I have here to get use of what is also my property as well. The car hasn't been used since the keys were basically stolen from me and just continues to sit in the driveway. I've paid both the insurance and payments for the vehicle on time as well.

    I have a very rough relationship with my parents to taking legal action against them wouldn't be a problem (prefer not to) but I will do what needs be to have use of what is legal my property as well and only way to get to and from work. All I want is my keys back and access to legal documents which are also legally mine as well.

    Any sort of help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Exclusion of Vehicle

    Obviously there is much more to this story so I’m a bit hesitant to say much of anything.

    How about a simple solution, maybe.

    You may be able to obtain a replacement key from the dealer. If it requires programming you may have to have it towed to the dealership.

    Other than that, either titled owner is legally able to possess the vehicle and along with that, if the keys were purchased along with the car, so to would the keys have joint ownership. Your mother taking them could cause the police to act. Whether they will or won’t is something only they can say. I suspect they would refuse to get involved in this family matter and tell you it’s a civil matter.

    the legal documents too are as much your father’s as they are yours. You can’t demand he relinquish his property to you even if you are a joint owner.

    if living with your parents is so horrible, maybe it’s time to pack your bags and move out.

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