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    Default How to Buy a Car From the Deceased Owner's Child

    Hello, well I'm kind of in a sticky situation. In July I bought a car from someone who was selling it because his Mother had passed away. This was back when I lived in CA, so it's a CA registered vehicle.

    It went as followed.

    When I bought the car from him we both went to the DMV and tried to get the title in my name. The CALIFORNIA DMV told us that we couldn't do the transfer because we have to wait 41 days after the owner passing.

    The problem was that I was planning on moving at the end of the month to Arizona, so I wouldn't be able to do the title transfer there so he gave me an original copy of his Mother's Death Certificate to take with me. So I planned on doing the title transfer here when I went to go register the car and get Arizona plates.

    Today I tired to do the title transfer with the title filled out and the death certificate. The Arizona DMV told me that because the person who owned the car died, her son would have to first apply for the title himself or if they have more than $50,000 in assets they can sign off as a representative and then I can transfer it.

    I called him today, haven't got word back yet and scared that he won't call back, I'm fuzzy on the details as to the options I have.

    Is their anything I can do? I have the original title with an original Death Certificate.

    Thank you for your time!

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    Default Re: Title Transfer from Owner's Son (Passed Away) to Me

    Rather than deal with probate issues and a guy who already has your money and might not give you the time of day, I suggest you go back to the Arizona DMV and ask about applying for a bonded title 28-2057.2 and 28-2057.B.

    You will pay some for a 3 year bond if eligible but that's your tuition for a life lesson from the school of hard knocks.

    Buying a car from anybody without good, transferable title IN HAND is a mistake you aren't likely to ever make again.

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