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    Default How to Get a Sex Offense Removed or Expunged

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Maryland
    My fiancee lived in Tennessee with his wife and her kids. (Not his children) his wife was on drugs and she really did not take proper care of her kids. She had a daughter and her daughter would constantly hang on my fiancee, follow him, say she was going to marry him, once she was 12yrs old. My fiancee told his wife she needed to correct her, because he never had say over her kids, but his wife actually did nothing if anything she pushed her daughter more on him. She would tell my fiancee to go give her daughter shampoo or a towel when her daughter in shower and he would tell her no you do it. His marriage was falling apart, he moved back to md, on and off for years. He finally went back to TN, only to be friends with his wife help her out with bills.

    He slept on sofa they had really nothing but a great friendship, but a disasters ready to start. Her daughter 17, one month from 18, still would hang, and follow him. One night a party happened drinking, drugs was present. His wife in her bedroom doing drugs with her daughter mind you a month from 18, finally the daughter came out to my fiancee, with bootie shorts on started to remove her shorts and sit on top of him. After the incident happened, the next day he told his wife what happened, she said she knew was going to happen eventually. He told her best he moved back to md, so he did. He told her to get off the drugs or she would die. My fiancee was not into drugs, but yes he drank here and there. He got to md trying to forget what happened, til a call came that the daughter was pregnant. They extradited him back to TN. They got him with rape and or insist.

    He got 6yrs probation and life on md state registry. The daughter had child but put up for adoption, he was tricked to sign up his rights, they said he had to. So he's never saw his child, or does not communicate with daughter. He's in md, and there's no communication at all. His wife died a year later from overdose. My fiancee takes full blame, he was older, he raised this girl. I been with him almost 6yrs, of course he has not reoffended. He's done his probation, classes and we have a very happy life together. But how can he be removed off the registry, and any one no of any one to contact to get his life time offense removed or expunged.

    We have hard time finding a place to live, due to the MD state registry post your pic, and address along with his charges. This is wrong, they make you a target not only to to him, but his new family. People do make mistakes, don't get me wrong, I don't approve of his past, but I made a long story actually short. But it's not right someone can have sex with a child of 2 and they get off the registry, but a girl one month of 18 can't. I have a daughter not by my fiancee, and he's been more of a dad to her then her own. He hates what he allowed happen. He has ask God for forgiveness. I just like names Iike name of groups or what I can do to guide him in right direction to get him off the registry.

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