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    Default Overtime Pay and Calculation of Child Support

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: ca

    How does overtime get calculated into child support? Itís not guaranteed and changes so do they go by your average?

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    Default Re: Overtime Related to Child Support

    For my case, an average of three years was used to calculate my ex-husband's child support obligation.

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    Default Re: Overtime Related to Child Support

    Having been on the payroll side of these things, you just do EXACTLY what the order says. And they are not all written the same. Usually it is the greater of some fixed amount and the CCPA floor percentages. Once in a while you see a judge get creative. If one of the parties does not like the order, we tell them to talk to the court. In theory all CS orders should be very similar but not all judges see it that way and employer does not have a dog in that fight.

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