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    Default Where to Send Florida Income and Expense Forms After Completion

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: California

    My husbands ex sent him the fl 150 to fill out but on the fl 396, she didnít write where we are supposed to send it. Iíve read send it to court and Iíve read to send it to her. Can someone tell me the correct answer or how I can find the correct answer. Thank you.

    Meant to say a FL-150. Not Florida.

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    Default Re: Where to Send Florida 150 Income and Expense

    I assume what you're talking about are California Judicial Council forms.

    The FL-150 form is an Income and Expense Declaration. It's a form that is typically file at the outset of a divorce action. You said that your husband's "ex" sent the form to him, but you didn't say whether this is an ex-wife, an ex-girlfriend, or something else. You also didn't provide any context.

    However, that the FL-150 form was served with an FL-396 form provides context. The FL-396 form is a Request for Production of an Income and Expense Declaration after Judgment. Presumably, that means your husband's "ex" has a judgment for spousal support or child support (or both).

    Item 1a in the FL-396 form references California Family Code section 3664(a). If he hasn't already done so, your husband should read that section because it explains exactly what he needs to do.

    item 1b specifies where the I&E declaration should be served. When you wrote that "she didn't write where [your husband is] supposed to send it," I assume that means she left item 1b blank. Correct? If so, it would seem fairly logical to send it to the address in the caption of the document (presumably your husband knows his ex's address -- especially if they have kids together).

    For your husband's future reference, The Rutter Group's Family Law practice guide (available at any public law library) is an excellent resource for this sort of thing.

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