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    Post Towing Off of Private Property

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: CT

    This morning around 4am i noticed someone taking pictures of my car with a tow truck backing up next to it. As i ran outside the tow truck had my car in the air and I asked what was occurring the security guard said he didn’t see my parking pass. I indicated that i am a resident and i have a lease so i am authorized to park in this lot. He indicated since he didn’t see my parking pass so he was allowed to tow it. I asked did he verify that my car is registered here within the system he indicated he didn’t see a pass so he didn’t have too. I advises my car has been parked here all weekend and i have been a resident for two years why is this no occurring at 4am? He gave no answer, I asked the tow company to release my car and they indicated it was $100 because my car was on the lift. I paid the $100 i also asked if they can confirm that no damages were done to my car. The two representative indicated he took pictures prior to towing. I asked you took pictures in the dark and that confirms there were no damages done? He was unable to answer, released my car and left.

    I returned inside and reviewed my leasing agreement it does not indicate icate if a sticker is not displayed my vehicle would be towed and it also indicates only unauthorized cars would be towed.

    While outside on my way to the gym I reviewed other cars in the lot and noticed other cars also did not have their passes displayed so i am unsure why my car was targeted. There was also no notification on my car or any of those that a parking pass was not displayed.

    I wanted to know what my legal options are in this situation

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    How long have you been a resident? Were you ever provided a sticker or a parking pass?

    Are there signs in the lot indicating that parking is for residents only? Does the lease limit the number of vehicles you can own and park on the property?

    And, if you are a resident and parked in a residential place, how do you think the security officer might be able to tell which cars belong to a resident or not?

    You might want to speak to management this morning and get some clarification on the matter to avoid a repeat of the situation in the future.

    CT law on private property impounds can be found here:

    There might be a number of justifications for the tow without requiring a warning.
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