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    Default Representative Payee is Withholding Funds

    I qualified 2 years ago and got a lump sum of $20,000 and now its up to around $25k. My former payee barely gave me one monthly check and is sitting on the lump sum they refused to pay my rent or give me any of my deserved money. I have now switched to a new payee and it seems like they're doing the same thing. Ssi told me they have been freezing my account due to my recent incarcaration in prison. I have never been to prison. When i told them this they said it was a mental health facility. I have never been to that either. I think something weird is going on with the government and my money and this is all past due backpay that i am entitled to. I think i need help.

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    Default Re: Conspiracy

    Your Representative Payee does not have to give you any of the money from your benefits. Your Representative Payee does have to pay your rent, utilities, food, etc bills. SSA will request the Representative Payee return all money they have to SSA. It will then be deposited into the account of your current Representative Payee.

    Did you talk to your SSA caseworker? Did you ask how to prove you had not been in jail for more than 30 days ? Being hospitalized would not stop your monthly benefits. Although, if you were in some facilities long term. Your monthly benefits would go to the facility. With the exception of approximately $30 a month. That would go to you or someone else to buy things for you the facility does not furnish.

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    Default Re: Conspiracy

    I am associated with a church that runs a residential facility. We have 3-4 clients who use payees. The payee pays the rent directly to the church and usually sends a second check to the client for expenses. I have heard this argument before where the client feels it is "their money" and they should be able to get the balance whenever they feel like. The problem is that they would not have a payee in the first place if some sort of judicial or administrative action had not previously deemed them incapable of managing their funds. Some of the payees I have worked with have their own social workers who actively manage the client and others payees just write checks. The social worker type of payee will take clients shopping, to doctor appointments, and actively connect them with other resources. Those types of clients also tend to be more needy. The clients who have just-write-checks type of payees tend to be a lot more self-sufficient. Does not mean that they will not use up the month's expense money on booze and hookers the first day they get it.

    I am in agreement if the payee (odd word) is misinformed about recent jail/hospital time, the OP should follow up on that. As well as making sure that the current payee has all of the funds held in trust. I can say from experience that payees who do not know what the are doing are not uncommon. Have a name and phone number and use it until the problem is fixed.Been there. Done that. I would not hold my breath on the OP getting $20K or $25K from the payee. That is not how it works. The OP would need to first win a judicial or administrative action eliminating the payee all together.

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    Default Re: Conspiracy

    In addition Representative Payers have to show SSA how the money was spent once a year.

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