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    Default How to Get Divorce Questions Reviewed by a Lawyer

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: Florida

    I need to get some preliminary consultation in Pinellas County, Florida, via email.

    The reason for this is a need to keep it confidential. I am retired and absences are noticed more than they would be were I going to a job, and could take time during the day. While divorce is not in immediate, as in ready this week, it is quite probable, after the new year (tax reasons).

    I want to ask some preliminaries, especially devoted to protecting my interest, and not making any mistakes that would make the process harder down the road. I don't want to be blindsided as happened to someone with whom I do business and trust. He was plodding along in blissful ignorance, maybe the occasional marital spat, went to get the car's oil changed one day (wife's suggestion, Ha!) and came home to police with restraining orders. I'll be pro-active if I can.

    In my mind, the questions are divided into three parts: financial to see if an afterlife is even feasible, background with discussion of obstacles, strategy and nuts and bolts procedure. I don't intend to make it long but, I think some things are best considered when in front of you in total. However, if the financials don't work, the rest is irrelevant.

    No, I am not one of those looking for a lot of information free so I can do it myself; I'm willing to pay a fair fee for my questions. I would appreciate one free one, though, for a look at the financials to see if it is even feasible. If there is an issue of alimony, I'm likely sunk. The financials are simple, and there are no children. While I recognize there are no guarantees, I need someone with experience in the Pinellas system with a feel for how the judges react. I understand from my reading that mediation is required as a preliminary, so your experience with the mediators will be helpful.

    Please, no-one from another state unless you have the experience here. Even though you are well meaning, I need to deal with the law here, and some issues are different. I don't mean to insult anyone but I can't be distracted.

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    Default Re: Divorce Consult in Pinellas

    If you are having trouble finding a local lawyer to consult with, you might call your state BAR Association for a referral.

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    Default Re: Divorce Consult in Pinellas

    This link is the same as the Lawyers button at the top of the page.

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    Default Re: Divorce Consult in Pinellas

    Putting aside the fact that posting here isn't going to get you a consultation, it would be extremely unusual for an attorney to consult with you by email.

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