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    Angry Behavioral Hold Over Dubious Self Harm Statements

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Louisiana.

    A relative is an 18 yo freshman at a university in LA. prior to yesterday’s football game, she was at a tailgate party. At 3 pm she was posting pictures, all fine, having fun. By 4 she was wasted. She had littke prior experience with alcohol, and is under 100 lbs. we don’t know what she had to drink or who gave it to her. Suffice to say, Her new dorm “friends” ditched her and she was left to find her own way back to the dorm. Somehow she made it back to the dorm, where the RA got involved. She was upset about getting ditched, and very drunk. For reasons unknown, the RA called tho police, citing possible self harm.

    While the RA was with her, her father called her on FaceTime. He could tell she was upset. But could only see the ceiling. Apparently the RA was there, but refused to go on camera. Then the police show up. Ask her if she wants to hurt herself. “No”. Does she want to end her life “no”. Ask if she were to end her life, how would she do it. “I guess I would drown myself”. Apparently that’s enough to put her away on pychistric hold??!!! Then since she’s an adult, her parents are not entitled to any information, not even what hospital she’s been transferred to.

    She had a .18 blood alcohol level by the time she reached hospital. The medical staff claimed she was suicidal when she arrived and in 2 subsequent exams after she sobered up. She claims those 2 didn’t happen. The RA claims her father showed no concern about her intoxication, but made no attempt to let him know about the extent of the situation, also lied about who called whoWhen her mother went to her dorm room to get her clothes, the RA said she called the police because that’s what happened in her family.

    This kid had a little setback when her new uni friends proved to be anything but. She has a huge communitee of friends and family, and no history of depression. How does being drunk and sad and answering a hypothetical question warrant a 72 hour hold. And it’s not over yet. They’re talking about a 25 day hold.

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