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    Default Re: Can You Move Out at 16 if You're Pregnant

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    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: ohio was wanting to know can you move out if your 16and pregnant my mom is threatening and telling me I have to get a abortion or she going to make my life a living hell
    If your parents let you, yes. No one can force you to get an abortion either.

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    You have no idea what living hell is. Wait until you cannot go with your friends because you have to care for your baby, work and go to school. Chances are your mom's attitude about the abortion will change. You know nothing about the responsibilities involved in raising a child. Your child will be your responsibility. It will not be your mom's responsibility to house, feed, clothe and care for your child. You cannot depend on the child's father to pay child support for the next 18 yrs. Even if you get a court order for child support. That does not mean you will receive the money. The money you might receive. will be no where near what it takes out of your pay check. If you do not finish high school and go to college. You will make low wages in a job you hate.

    You really should consider giving up the baby for adoption. Some adoptions allow for contact between the birth mother, adoptive parents and child. Although most adoptions do not allow this. Adoptive parents go through extensive screenings. In some cases the mother can choose the adoptive parents.
    Ok we get it you think she should give the baby up - but that's her choice. She has choices - and she gets to choose them. No one else guilting her into them.

    That is not entirely true that if she doesn't graduate or go to college she'll get a low wage job. All she really needs is a GED. There are plenty of successful people who were teen moms. Yes it will be a struggle - but it's her struggle to have or not have. No one else's.

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    Default Re: Can You Move Out at 16 if You're Pregnant

    A GED simply doesn't cut it. She would really need a HS diploma. There are programs out there for dropouts to complete HS and receive an actual diploma.
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    Default Re: Can You Move Out at 16 if You're Pregnant

    Too many kids think that getting pregnant, or getting someone pregnant, somehow gives them legal rights that they didn't have before. But the only right a male teen achieves on getting a girl pregnant is the right to support the child, and even that only after he is legally declared the father. The only right a female teen achieves on getting pregnant or having the baby is to make her own medical decisions and whether or not to keep the baby - and then, if the decision is to have and keep it, to care for it.

    Pregnancy does not confer on any teen, male or female, legal emancipation. It does not confer on any teen the right to move out of the house without permission. A pregnant teen, or a male teen who gets his girlfriend pregnant, is still under the care and control of his or her parents or legal guardian and they still live exactly where that parent or guardian tells them they live. They do not get to choose who they see or what they do or where they go or where they live. Pregnancy does not make you a legal adult.

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