My question involves criminal law for the state of: Idaho
Person A is on Parole having spent two years in the penitentiary.
Person B recently filed a police report on Person A in another State. Person B is waiting on the D.A. to file charges against Person A. It Could take up to 6 months.
Currently Person A does not know about the recently filed police report.
Person B believes that the parole officer of Person A needs to be contacted, because person A poses a threat to the community. Person B would like to contact the Parole officer of person A,
and to inform the parole officer of the recently filed police report.

Does Person B have the right to contact the parole officer in the current situation?
Is it not recommended that Person B contact the parole officer about the police report recently filed? Should person B just wait for the D.A. to proceed before contacting the Parole officer about person A ?
Could contacting the parole officer jeopardize or undermine the efforts of D.A. who will prosecute this case?