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    Default Is a Wife Responsible for a Husband's Premarital Debt

    My question involves court procedures for the state of:

    Debt incurred before marriage. What is responsibility of wife?

    1. Commonwealth Financial Systems is trying to collect for an ambulance debt incurred by my late husband in March 2015.

    2. My husband and I were married in June 2015, after service occurred.

    3. My husband passed away in 2017.

    4. I have verification of a $500.00 amount paid to the ambulance service for whom Commonwealth is said to be collecting. Commonwealth Financial systems is asking for almost $3,000.00.

    5. All credit bureaus have received notification of husband's death.

    6. My husbands name (not mine) is still on the paperwork sent to me by Commonwealth collections, threatening legal judgment.

    So, if they go after a judgment in the name of late husband (not mine) do I need to respond? There is verification that this debt was paid so why are they asking for payment at all let alone almost 6 times as much as the original amount? The date of the service that supposedly was not paid predates the date of our marriage. This is the first letter I've received from them. From what I've read, these guys are regarded as unethical and I'm hesitant to send them a death certificate which would give them more information about me, the decedent's wife, for fear they may start harrassing me. Any help is very appreciated.

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    Default Re: Notoriously Unethical Debt Collector Pursuing Deseased Person

    Your husband’s estate remained liable for the debt. Have you probated the estate and dealt with the debts of his estate?

    Sorry I kind of jumped the gun a bit.

    If you have proof the entire debt was paid, have you taken the time to contact the collector and telling them that? Between that and telling them he is deceased I would think they would stop collection attempts

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