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    Default Employer Discussed Passport Issues With an Embassy Employee

    I'm not sure what area in this form that this question would fit. I'm thinking Civil Rights might be a suitable topic for this question.

    A few months ago I was working in Beijing. I decided to go on vacation for a while so asked for leave and got permission from my boss. The plan was to take a week off, and go to my home in California to visit my family and friends. A day before the time I had planed to go back I receive a letter from child support saying my passport rights have been revoked.

    This was obviously a mistake that I had to correct later, but I had to tell my boss that I would be very late returning to get this sorted out and my passport released. However my boss said he has a friend in the US Embassy and that he'd ask him to check the status of my passport, and if there's anything that could be done. I told him no. It's not necessary, but he did it anyways, and since he had a scanned copy of my passport data page it wasn't hard to ask his friend about me. At this point I'm feeling that a line has been crossed and he or his friend at the US Embassy have no right to do this. No one should be able to do this without consent. What should / can I do legally about this?

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