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    The person can be committed for evaluation. Depending on when this happens. The person might have to remain inpatient over a weekend or holiday. The police have procedures they have to follow. They are not going to take her to a psychiatrist's office. Each area has a facility they take people to when they threaten to harm themselves. Police usually lean to the side of caution. Someone who does not want help. Can lie and say they said it for attention, to make a point. It is up to responding officers and their supervisor. Police would rather take the person to a facility and the person not need psychiatric help. Than not take them and they harm themselves. This is a dangerous game for anyone to play.

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    I played this one wrong several years back and let my girlfriend continue with the self harm and suicide ideation without seeking help or informing others, thinking it could compromise her professional future. Ultimately she ended up trying to commit suicide with knives, and my attempts to disarm and restrain her after she slashed her wrists instead of calling 911 got me arrested for kidnapping and assault. Luckily beat the charges in court, but this stuff can get real bad real fast for everyone involved. Best just to leave the relationship and avoid that mess (borderline personality disorder).

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