My question involves malpractice in the state of: Kansas
I had foot surgery on my left foot on 10/4/2018. They took an X-Ray after the surgery showing I had 6 screws and wires, I was unable to view the x-rays and they were shown to my husband (doctor didn't want husband to see them honestly and barely let him glance at them), mind you before surgery I asked to see them or take a picture and was told it was "Illegal" for me to do so. Anyway today 10/8/18 I called to request a copy of my X-rays for my personal files and was transfered to Xray who said they had no record of me getting X-rays, then to medical records who said my xrays were "canceled" so they had no records of x-rays.. My question is what on earth do i do! Please help... I have no idea what to do or how to get the xrays. I have an appointment on 10/17/18 so I was going to ask my doctor about it but thought I'd post here for some possible suggestions. Thanks