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    Default Roommate's Pets are Destroying My Home

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: florida. I own my home and have a friend who has dogs she let multiply and now have too many and none are taken care of by a vet and are the pups are not house trained. They are destroying her part of my house. What do I do

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    Default Re: Roomates Pets Destroying My Home

    Do you have a lease? What does it say about pets?

    Within the limitations of the lease language if one exists: You tell her that she needs to get the situation under control and pay for any repairs. If she can't do the former, she'll need to leave but will still have to do the latter.

    If she is not taking care of the animals properly and there are health issues, you may also contact your local ASPCA/Animal Control to check up on them.

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    Default Re: Roomates Pets Destroying My Home

    Unless you and your friend signed a lease that hasn't yet expired, your recourse is to evict her. If you have a lease with an unexpired term, you can only evict her if she is breaching the lease.

    I suggest you consult with a local landlord/tenant attorney.

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