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    Default Options for Dealing With an Out of Control 16 Year Old

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Sourh Carolina.

    My 16 yr old step daughter tried killing my 5 yr old when he was 1, physically abused him for 2 yrs. she killed my husband husky, killed lizards and would torture them, killed a mole and secretly kept its decomposing body as a pet. She went to far as to create a habitat for it and would pet it and talk to it. She falsely reported to school that she was absent one day claiming I abused her and she had to be rushed to the ER because the bruising was so bad.

    Of course that was a lie which she admitted later to. She said she wanted me out of the house and since I wouldn’t not just leave she was trying to get me thrown in jail with no chance of returning. She claims to see 5 people that are not there and claims they talk to her. But she says they are real. She says she wants me dead and has no reason for hating me. She wants all her siblings dead too and she plans to kill them. She refuses to wear anything for her monthly cycle and bleeds through her clothes without care. She will stand anywhere she’s at and just pee in her pants.

    She’s been violent with me and she also hears symptoms others have and then acts them out. She is a compulsive liar, attention seeker, and a really really good manipulator. We have been told she needs to be placed in a PERMANENT facility yet the facilities she’s in want to release her even though she still has homicidal thoughts and even though she is still violent. She has manipulated staff and one will call to tell us how she was in a fight while another staff she is very close to calls us and says that other staff lied and but yet they can’t explain why she was put on aggressive watch for 72 hours.

    Everyone says my husband has to give up his parental rights in order for the state to help place her in a group home. she can not come back home. Her birth mother wants nothing to do with her yet won’t sign over rights. She also lied claiming her birth moms fiancÚ molested her. Yet she was happy to find out her mother was marrying him. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW WE CAN GET HELP!!!!

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    Default Re: Out of Control 16 Year Old

    It's a complicated issue and, so far, I've been unable to come up with anything definitive by way of statutes.

    I suggest you consult an attorney to find out what the process is. I'm sure there is one.

    Don't rely on what "everyone" says.

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    Default Re: Out of Control 16 Year Old

    You need a lawyer. "Everyone" doesn't know. Your step daughter has serious issues outside your or anyone's scope on here. A lawyer would best advise your husband on his options.

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    Default Re: Options for Dealing With an Out of Control 16 Year Old

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    Everyone says my husband has to give up his parental rights in order for the state to help place her in a group home.
    It sounds like you are dealing with a child who has severe mental illness, and who is far from able to care for herself in the absence of a structured environment. In some contexts it is possible to let a minor live independently, but it sounds like that would be a recipe for disaster with your stepdaughter.

    There is no mechanism by which the state will allow a parent to simply give up his rights in order to walk away from any obligation to support or care for a child.

    South Carolina has passed legislation that addresses when and under what circumstances a minor may be involuntarily committed for mental health treatment.

    There are private "therapeutic boarding schools" that will accept a mentally ill child for residential care and treatment, but they tend to be very expensive.

    Is she presently under the jurisdiction of a juvenile court?

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    Default Re: Options for Dealing With an Out of Control 16 Year Old

    No one has to give up their parental rights. The parents can put her in a group home. BUT, the group home will have to be equipped to handle her and her problems. Depending on the type of group home. Chances are good her parents will have to pay for her stay there. Some of these homes can be very expensive.

    Did you contact authorities when she abused and tried to kill your son ? What about when she killed the dog ?

    Her parents need to go and talk to her doctor and the social worker.

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