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    Default First Amendment Rights of Pyschics

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    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Maryland

    I am a psychic medium and I had recently had an event scheduled at the local community center. We had signed the contract for the evening agreed upon for use of the event room which also doubles as a church of some sort, but still part of the community center. Over the last couple days, my contact there has been avoiding my calls and voicemails and as the date nears, I haven't been able to get any information I need to set this up.

    I have done events there before and everything has been fine. Today I finally received an email from them saying that "the community center is run by a board of members who have fiduciary responsibilities. The board has decided at this time that they are not comfortable with hold my event at the center."

    In my contract, it states, " nondiscrimination.**CC is committed to the principle of nondiscrimination in its programs, policies, and practices in a manner consistent with its Christian foundation. Participation in Center sponsored programs will not be denied to any individual because of their race, color, national orgin, age, sex, or physical or mental disability. The center requires a similar commitment from all organizations that utilize the Centers facilities."

    I am curious if I have a leg to stand on because I believe that they chose to not allow my event because of what I do for a living and they simply aren't comfortable with it, their words. If I do, what kind of process does this take and what could I expect as an end result to the trouble of filing a civil action against them.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated as I am not sure I want to go down this road because I am not necessarily after money, I am more hurt by what has transpired and think that it is utterly wrong.
    This is what people often call reverse discrimination. It is discrimination and is based on a religious basis. They are refusing to allow the use because op doesn’t fit within the religious beliefs of the board. They are discriminating against the op because he doesn’t share the same reigning beliefs as the board.

    Its like belonging to the Klan. They don’t exclude you because you’re black or Catholic. . They exclude you because you aren’t a white and non-Catholic Christian (and a bunch of other issues).

    None of that really matters though since there is a presumably valid contract in place. That removes the need to concern ones self with the religious aspect and deal with the contractual and financial aspect. That is so much simpler than arguing religion.

    If they refuse to honor the contract and op can not find adequate and comparable facilities and in a time frame that would allow a reasonable time for advertising the change of venue, op propably has a suit to seek whatever his losses will be.

    My question to the op;

    is this community center a public or private facility?

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    Default Re: Should I sue? psychic medium vs community center

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    Actually this is what people often call reverse discrimination. It is discrimination and is based on a religious basis.
    I disagree. The term "reverse discrimination" is a misnomer that was originally coined to refer to discrimination against whites, a group that was in the majority and historically had not be subject to much (unfavorable) discrimination in this country. Implicit in the term is the idea that discrimination did not include adverse action against whites, hence the need for a different term. But of course discrimination against whites is just as illegal as discrimination against any other race. Thus, it is not "reverse discrimination". It is simply discrimination. The term reverse discrimination has since been broadened to mean any discrimination that would occur against a member of the majority group of whatever class, whether it be religion, citizenship, or whatever. But it is still an inappropriate term because discrimination against a member of the majority group is still discrimination. Reverse discrimination is a term that has no real meaning apart from simple discrimination.

    Whatever you choose to call it, though, just because the person is making a decision based on a particular religious belief he or she has does not, as you imply, automatically make the decision one that discriminates against the other person based on the other person's religion. For example, in my religious belief (and most others) telling lies is frowned upon. So if I refuse to hire someone who lied on his employment application because my religion tells me lying is bad, does that mean I am discriminating against the applicant for his religious beliefs? Of course not. I don't care what religion he or she is. That person might profess to be the same religion for that matter. It not the applicant's religion that was the reason for the decision. It was the act of lying that was the basis for the decision, and lying is not something that is a fundamental part of any religion that I know of.

    Consider, too, the Colorado cake shop case recently before the Supreme Court. The baker refused to create a cake for the wedding of a gay couple because the baker considered homosexuality a sin under his religion. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC) did not rule against the baker on the basis of religious discrimination. While the baker's decision was rooted in his own religious beliefs, his refusal to bake the cake had nothing to do with the customers' religion. As a result, the CCRC ruled against the the baker for violating the Colorado law that prohibits businesses from discriminating against homosexual persons.

    In short, just because you make a decision against someone based on a religious belief you have does not automatically mean you are discriminating against that person based on their religion. There is a critical distinction there.

    Is being a psychic part of the OP's religious beliefs? Perhaps, though I'd think it unlikely since I am not aware of any religion in which being a psychic is part of the religious practice. Like lying, it may simply be a nonreligious act that is frowned upon by some religions. I think it would be very difficult to come up with a compelling religious discrimination argument here.

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