When I was a college student studying abroad in Italy 25 years ago, I was briefly detained while entering the country via train with about two grams of cannabis following a weekend trip to Amsterdam. Yes, a dumb move, I know. Of course, I’m a much more responsible, middle-aged married father of two now, and I want to take my family to Italy as part of a planned trip next year to several European countries. My dilemma is this:

Way back when, I was given a distant court date in Italy for the drug case. But my study abroad program ended long before my court date, and when it did, I left the country to return to the states. As I missed my court date, I have no idea what happened with my case. I’ve returned to Europe since then, traveling to Spain in 2005 with no troubles, but I’ve yet to go back to Italy. If I do, will I be arrested upon entry or, say, when I give my passport to a pensione or hotel? Would I have any other potential problems in other EU countries? Short of serving out a sentence in an Italian jail for a stupid college kid’s mistake from 25 years ago, how can I resolve this ?