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    Default Will You Get Deported Over a Felony Stalking Charge

    Hi. I was recently convicted of what's called felony stalking my ex-wife because she withheld my child from me. I am Austrian and have lived in the US legally since 1991 (with a 3 yr. hiatus). No prior convictions or troubles with the law. I am in Washington state. I was sentenced to 5 months house arrest with ankle monitor.

    My questions are as follows:
    1) what are the chances of ICE showing up at my door and detaining me for deportation?
    2) do they have the right to enter my house with a warrant and arrest me?
    3) this is a rebuttable offense. What are the chances that I could successfully rebut deportation by arguing my case?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Will Ice Deport Me

    1) This isn't a casino we don't give odds.
    2) Of course, they have the right to enter your house and arrest you if they have a warrant.
    3) You didn't seem to be able to rebut it to well if you got convicted for it.

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