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    Default Can You Sue Over Complications from a Tubal Ligation

    My question involves malpractice in the state of: Oklahoma. My fiance had a tubal ligation last year and has had serious problems since then. Constantly in extreme pain, menstrual cycles that last several weeks and off a few days and start again. She has been to three doctors, all of which work in the same network as the doctor who did the procedure. The latest doctor has said it could be scar tissue and build up in her uterus. He recommended removing the fallopian tubes and scraping the uterus walls. Now they want to do the surgery and correct it without confirming the cause or putting blame where we believe it should fall. I believe they are going to fix it without stating cause so we can't get a doctor to actually say it was malpractice and her gynecologist was to blame. Any advice? Should we get a second opinion? Find a doctor that doesn't work with the man we believe messed her up? Legal counsel?

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