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    Default Loss of Sensation from a Cast on a Broken Leg

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Florida

    I have been dealing with a broken ankle alot this year, I thought it healed and I could walk just fine.. Well a x-ray showed different, so I went to a new orthopedic and she had an assistant put a new cast on, the way she put it on just seemed not right she said it was to give the ankle extra protection, a week later I woke up and the whole area that was casted was asleep and I could not get my foot or leg to wake up.. my Dr was not at the office when I called and i told them what happened and they refused to take off the cast, so I had my friend take it off and spoke to ask a nurse and they said try to elevate it for an hour, still no feeling, called 911... Was told it was from the cast being too tight and it will take time may be a long time to get circulation and feeling g back. I just have to wait.. Can I hold someone responsible for this?? What if the feeling never comes back? This is scaring g me!

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    Default Re: Now I Can't Feel My Foot or Leg

    You can't sue someone over a what-if. I know it's scary and I'm not making light of it. But there will be plenty of time to be thinking of legal action if you really do have permanent numbness. In the meantime, try not to be too tense over it and see what your doctor says.

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    Default Re: Now I Can't Feel My Foot or Leg

    You're free to consult with a medical malpractice attorney about the situation.

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