My question involves education law in the State of: Maryland

I attended a certain community college for a specific career program. I declared my major, signed up for the program, met with a counselor, and registered for classes that fulfilled the program's requirements.

The college's website states that preference is given to students who live in-county, then to students who live in-state. I live in-state but not in-county. What wasn't revealed online is that only one person who lived out-of-county has ever been admitted into the program due to the highly competitive nature of the program, which also wasn't mentioned online.

Even though nothing I was told was technically false, I feel scammed. No one at the college gave me any indication that entry into this program would be essentially impossible for me; if I had know that, I never would have attended this college in the first place. My mom sent an email to the college expressing my concerns, and they gave a technical response that didn't actually address any of our concerns.

I don't want to be a part of the program anymore; I just don't want other people to make the same mistake. I learned all this information when I attended the information session, which they only hold every few months. (That's why I had to register for classes before attending). There were many other out-of-county students there who were just as shocked and broken-hearted as I was. Is there anything I can do about this?