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    Default Social Security Benefits and the IRS

    July 19 I went in to apply for survivor benefits from my husband who died in May 2016. Ihave been on SS disability since 2002. I turned 65 on 08-20-2018, so I wanted to see how much more I would get. The ss Representative told me it would be processed by 08-19-2018 and my first payment would be 09-03-2018. However, I did NOT received the increased benefit. I went back to SS the week before Labor Day and after a 2 hour wait was told by that days rep that he could not see why it had not been processed. He messagesd the original rep who said she was still working on it, maybe some back benefits. OK waited till last week and still the process has not been beyond the INITIATED claim status. What can I do, I called the 800 number but they said give it 10days.

    Part 2 of question. I also applied for extra help with Medicare expenses. I got a call from the rep saying that according to the IRS I received $250 000 plus interest in 2016. and they wanted to know what happened to that money. FIRST OFF I did NOT receive that amount. I did get a life insurance policy payout from a friend who left it to me of $150 000 plus about $6000 in interest. I used the money to buy myself a new car ( my old was a 2001) a car for my son in college, and new appliances for my home, in addition to paying off house, and other incidentials. I was unaware of ANY law that told me I had to account to SS onhow I spent my money. I did report the interest on my taxes. The rep had no idea where the money came from, who reported it or what it was for. , but they wanted to know why I needed help if I had received $250 000 two years ago. I answered all questions on the form correctly.

    I DO NOT HAVE THIS MONEY. I DID NOT GET THAT MUCH. NOW they want me to prove that I did not get the money that they don't know what it is. . In addition, several thousands of dollars was stolen from my bank account by a family member addicted todrugs, and I had to close my account and open a new one. THAT is what left me needing help. How would I go about getting the info of what this is about? SS does not answer phone calls, and letters in my town. Another month is about gone even on m y routine application. I contacted the insurance company who paid aoutthe life ins. policy. but it is not the same amount. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

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    Default Duplicate Thread

    Your post in this thread is essentially a duplicate of the one you posted at:

    I answered your question in that other thread on how to get the information IRS has for you for 2016. You'll need to get that to start to tackle your SSA issue. Please keep your additional questions on this on that other thread to keep everything together.

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    Default Re: Social Security and IRS

    Help with Medicare expenses is based on income and resources. The help is Medicaid. The money you received from insurance is unearned income. Income and resources do not count for SSDI or Survivors Benefits. It does count for welfare programs like Medicaid.

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    Default Re: Social Security and IRS

    1. Call the local office and ask to speak with the supervisor of the person who took your claim. Some cases automated easily, others become systems limitations and have to be finalized in the payment center. But you should be told the status. If it is in the payment center, the local office can make a good guess about how long it will take, but cannot make it happen.

    2. You applied for a subsidy for Medicare, Extra Help. When you received the inheritance, however it was received, you got a 1099 or at least one was issued. You should have turned it into your tax preparer and it should have been included in your tax return. SSA has limited access to that same information. Year, amount and corporate source name. So when you now say that you don't have that money and you want to pay less for your Medicare premiums because you are low income, of course SSA will ask you questions and ask for proof. Now if you don't want Extra Help, then don't provide anything.

    You may also end up with a higher Medicare premium as Income Related Monthly Medicare Adjustment, IRMMA. Often uses prior year tax returns data to determine if the premium should be higher. There are exceptions to IRMMA as well, but generally require supplying some proof.

    You should research Extra Help and IRMMA

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