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    Default How Can a Sex Offender Get Permission to Move to Another State

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Kentucky and Illinois

    My daughter was charged with 1st degree rape and sodomy at the age of 16. Was tried as an adult for this charge at age of 18. She spent 7 years in Kentucky state pen. She was released in February. She is now out 5 years parole (which I guess is mandatory for all sex offenders in KY). She will be on sex registry for the rest of her life.

    I am from Kentucky, but moved to Illinois about 2 years ago. We are all the family each other has and she wants to be able to come here and live. I have no criminal background. The state of Illinois has approved her to be here, yet her parole officer will not allow it. She has been homeless a few times since getting out and parole officer seems to nothing to try and help her.

    My grandmother raised my daughter for a couple years, I was not on drugs never abused my child, but money used to talk in the courts where I am from (hate to say this, but it is true). Grandmother did my mother the same way.

    When I got my daughter back she was out of control so I got the courts involved, hoping they could help with my daughter before she was completely gone. They gave her chances, yet my grandmother had taught her that mamaw could buy her out of anything. The courts eventually put her in group home she was working her way back home through the foster home system when the charges came about. Also at this time and yes at age of 16 she had already began college with a full scholarship.

    Her parole officer is using all this history to keep her in Kentucky. Yet they gave approval for her to stay with a convicted murderer. What can she and I do to get her home. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: What Can My Daughter Do to Move from Kentucky to Illinois

    You're mixing and matching issues. If the parole officer says "no" then it's no. Also, if the muderer is approved as a roommate then the murderer is approved. Perhaps the murderer has been a model parolee.

    Your daughter is not in full command of her life, between parole and being a registered sex offender. While I don't fully agree with how we define or deal with sex offenders, this will haunt your daughter for a long, long time.

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