My question involves civil rights in the State of: Maryland

I am a psychic medium and I had recently had an event scheduled at the local community center. We had signed the contract for the evening agreed upon for use of the event room which also doubles as a church of some sort, but still part of the community center. Over the last couple days, my contact there has been avoiding my calls and voicemails and as the date nears, I haven't been able to get any information I need to set this up.

I have done events there before and everything has been fine. Today I finally received an email from them saying that "the community center is run by a board of members who have fiduciary responsibilities. The board has decided at this time that they are not comfortable with hold my event at the center."

In my contract, it states, " nondiscrimination.**CC is committed to the principle of nondiscrimination in its programs, policies, and practices in a manner consistent with its Christian foundation. Participation in Center sponsored programs will not be denied to any individual because of their race, color, national orgin, age, sex, or physical or mental disability. The center requires a similar commitment from all organizations that utilize the Centers facilities."

I am curious if I have a leg to stand on because I believe that they chose to not allow my event because of what I do for a living and they simply aren't comfortable with it, their words. If I do, what kind of process does this take and what could I expect as an end result to the trouble of filing a civil action against them.

Any info would be greatly appreciated as I am not sure I want to go down this road because I am not necessarily after money, I am more hurt by what has transpired and think that it is utterly wrong.