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    Default Restriction on Being Around Minors, Including Relatives, During Probation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ohio

    So, here is my conundrum thus far, and I hope someone may be able to assist. I plead out to a F3 Abduction, non-sexual motivation, and got 18 months, jailtime credit of 14 months, and 3 years PRC. I am bused out to CRC. While there, I am visited by APA to verify where I will be living, with whom I will be living with, what my other contact info will be, etc. I give them all my information honestly and am forthcoming to them that I am a TIER 1 sex offender and need to make sure that address is suitable with SORN before I go home.

    My TIER 1 sex offense is from an M3 case a decade earlier and is totally unrelated. They send people to the address, talk to all the people who will be living there with me, and come back with a "approved address" decision. They EVEN help negotiate with SORN to allow me to reside at that address. At this residence is my wife and 2 year old daughter. NEITHER of them are my victim nor do I have ANY cases involving them pending or closed. I report as I am supposed to upon my release, three months after they approve my address. I sign the standard documents stating where I am living and the such. All is well.

    Nearly two months later my parole officer calls me and says he needs to see me ASAP. I figure it is a urine screen. I don't use any drugs. I don't drink. I don't even smoke cigarettes anymore. I got in and he informs me a special condition has been added to my PRC that I am no longer allowed around minors without adult supervision and even then, that can only be for a four hour stint. I can't be around my OWN DAUGHTER without adult supervision from an approved adult, which I now must get my mother and my wife approved.

    In the meantime, I can't spend one second with my daughter without being in violation. My wife and daughter have moved out in order to better facilitate compliance with this ruling while I seek a way to fight this. How is this legal? How can they just do this to a family? Who do I contact to get this resolved? All the while, my family is being torn to shambles. This is outrageous. Please, help!!!

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