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    A few states, I have read in the past, permit non law school graduates to become Attorneys.
    A couple of states still do. The two I am aware of are Virginia and California. Virginia has a thing called the Law Reader Program. While you don't have to attend law school, you do have to conduct your own program of self-study under the supervision of an attorney already admitted to the Virginia bar that is of the same scope as what is taught in accreditted law schools. In all the years I've been dealing with attorneys (and I lived in Virginia for 25 plus years), I've met exactly one admitted member who went this way.

    California allows non-accredited law schools (interpret that as internet/correspondence courses) or a similar lawyer-supervised reading program. You need to pass the "baby bar" in your first year of study before they will give you credit for what happens later.

    In actuality, it's easier to just go to law school. As a matter of fact, if you actually want the best employment opportunities, either go to a big name law school OR the state university law school in the state in which you intend to practice. They all tend to command pretty good respect in their own state.

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    Default Re: How Can an Unqualified Person Become a Lawyer

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    It doesn't seem right to me that someone needs to meet all of the specified requirements to practice law.

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    Any thoughts on getting licensed without all this nonsense?
    Which requirements in particular do you think are "nonsense," and why do you feel that way?

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    I'm not wondering if it's reasonable. I'm wondering if it's Constitutional.
    It is. Do you have a coherent argument that it isn't? What provision of which constitution (federal or state) do you think imposing licensing requirements on lawyers violates?

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