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    Default People Are Making Disparaging Remarks About Me to My Spouse

    My question involves defamation and stalking in the state of: California

    My wife works for a plastic surgeon. HIPPA is a HUGE issue. I moved from a town much smaller than where we live now. I was a public figure and I was well known. After I moved, my wife has had numerous patients that claim they specifically know me. Know of me...or knew me. Although, she cannot tell me who they are via HIPPA regulations.

    They are painting incorrect and downright horrible defamations of my prior life to her in person, as well as over the phone. Recently, someone hacked my email, logged I to my contacts, added people and numbers I've never known, then contacted my wife to examine my phone and email in attempts to validate their false claims that I am unfaithful.

    This has been happening for years. Now they call, ask for her, then ramble off a phone number or a name that she should keep an eye or ear out for.

    They are attempting to dismantle my family anonymously, and neither my wife or I can do anything about it due to HIPPA. Is there ANYTHING we can do? Thank you so much in advance!

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    Default Re: My Wife is Being Harassed in Person and Via Phone About Me

    Your wife can refuse to engage in the conversations where they make disparaging remarks.

    Given this has been going on for years I suggest she trusts you.

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    Default Re: People Are Making Disparaging Remarks About Me to My Spouse

    Quote Quoting Kohdirayne
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    HIPPA is a HUGE issue.
    I'd be more concerned with HIPAA.

    Quote Quoting Kohdirayne
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    neither my wife or I can do anything about it due to HIPPA. Is there ANYTHING we can do?
    Needless to say, if your statement in the first sentence is true, then you've answered your own question, so I guess you're basically asking us to tell you that your statement is false.

    Anyway, it's not clear what connection might exist between the people talking to your wife about you and the person who hacked into your computer. It also strains credibility that a "public figure" in the small town where you lived previously (but who is apparently an unknown outside of that town) would be the target of this sort of thing "for years." Likewise, why are so many people from this "small town" seeking plastic surgery from your wife's employer? Why do you think anyone from your past might be doing this to you?

    In any event, HIPAA might set up some obstacles, but if you really want to pay an investigator to look into what's going on, HIPAA won't prevent it. I suggest you start by discussing this with your wife. Is she inclined to believe what she's being told about you? If not (and it doesn't sound like she is), then she can just ignore these people when they start talking about you (your past is obviously not relevant to their status as patients of the plastic surgeon for whom she works). Beyond that, try and find a private investigator with expertise in cyber issues/hacking.

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    Default Re: People Are Making Disparaging Remarks About Me to My Spouse

    It is unusual for patients to know staff as well as,you suggest. Especially in a plastic surgeons office. Usually patients do not know the last name of staff in a doctors office. This does not make much sense.

    Your life before your wife should not matter to anyone including your wife. You wife could ignore these patients. Or she could mention what is going on to her boss. I assume she has done neither.

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