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    Default Ex-Spouse Dropped Off the Child, No Longer Wants Custody

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of:

    In California my wife was domestically abusive to the me as well as the son (5 months ) ( baby fell off the couch , accidentally hit the baby while trying to hit me, and countless episodes of yelling and outbursts) so after the domestic violence occurring within the home, the instability within her mental state , and finally my wife telling me to leave and take our son ( she didn't want to be a mother , was too young , married , etc. ) (literally i didn't care about trying to make a marriage work anymore, i needed to protect my son ) .My son and i left to stay with my father in Texas. Texas then granted me child custody and a divorce. California the over turned my custody and divorce , basically , through all this i hired a Texas attorney and then hired a California attorney. Granted this was over a period of 14 months ,all and all i lost physical and legal custody, my visitation was the last weekend of every month , supervised , and no over night stays.

    So, after that circus occurring i tried to be near my son although she would not allow me visits( not even the video calls ) and i couldn't afford the supervised visitation i returned to Texas to cut my losses and gather myself for such day i can be available for my boy

    Then, my wife in California contacts me for money i send it 700 a month , for several months then says she can no longer take care of the boy , text messaging me saying she feeling like killing herself , the boy is unmanageable , she behind on the rent , all kinds of bad ( now im sending her money )( child support was never issued in her favor , although i was granted child support initially from the state of Texas ) .

    Ok basically she drops him off in Texas at the airport and returns to California same day but im not supposed to have him unsupervised blah blah blah ..... she left the baby with the baby napper. i dunno what to say or do ?


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