My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Ohio

Hello! I received a certified letter from my local court that the State of Ohio Collections Enforcement is suing me on behalf of my university for charges from years ago.

Earlier this year, I was able to log onto my University Account and paid the remaining balance ($3,020.45). It now shows that the amount owed is $0.

Now, I received a letter that the University is suing me through the Ohio Attorney general for nearly $5,500. The letter came from my local court house. The plaintiff cites amount, interest, and misc. fees to show the amount which is about $5.5K

I do not want to go to court. It says that I have 28 days to respond. There is a case number in the top corner of the paper (does this mean that it is already on my record for public background?).

I already paid the University over $3K. Do I still have to pay and additional $5.5K?

I do not want this on my record because I am apply for jobs in underwriting and cannot have anything on background check. Is it too late to settle out of court? I will be calling to local law office assigned to represent the Ohio Attorney General on behalf of my University.

I dont know what questions to ask to start off. If I have to pay the $5K to keep this off my record, I will take a loan from my in-laws. But I just need to know how to handle this. I do not have my own lawyer.

Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!