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    Default The Process is Almost Done

    The eviction process we've been undergoing is almost done. Tomarrow is when we call the Sheriff to remove her stuff and when she'll have the 24 hours to get it off the street.
    My question here is...
    What if people come to take her stuff while shes not here? I know I personally cant do that and wouldnt... but what if we have some peeping people in the neighborhood who want some of her stuff? She cant sue us for someone else stealing her things can she?

    I just want to make sure I am not liable for whatever is out on the street once its there. I'm afraid shell come banging on our door telling us "my stuff is gone and youre going to pay". Can she do that?

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    Default Disposition of Property After Lawful Eviction

    I have never heard of a state where the landlord has any continuing responsibility for a former tenant's property, once the court officer has moved that property to the curb. I doubt that Georgia is any different - the court officer / Sheriff's Deputy may be able to reassure you.

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