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    Default Restraining Order Against A Neighbor

    Hello, My mother just filed a petition for a restraining order against a neighbor. Both the petitioner and the respondent are older females. The respondent was recently served by the sherrifs department and the hearing is for this monday. My question is what should be presented by my mother in this case.The neighbor has trespased on our property, used verbal and physical threats against my mother and father. What is intresting is that the police haven't put a stop to this they have been called by both parties and when we tried to file a RO with our local police HQ and the officer stated that he won't be able to do it,Even after we told him of the situation. So the RO was filed using a notory for the verifed complaint clause instead.The state in question is illinois and my father ,mother, girlfriend and myself will be there as witnesses to her actions. Last night a strange vehicle sat oustside there house at 2.30 am with two white occupents directly across from us. So we called the police and they arrived shortly. Two units showed up and one appraoched the man and asked who he was and the officers drove away right after. The check lasted almost 20 seconds with the car staying another 30 min Any thoughts.

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    What do you mean by strange vehicle? What did it look like? I doubt it was anything that related to the situation that you have explained. A PI wouldn't have been dumb enough to set up that direct on your house, unless they had no idea what they were doing, plus what are they going to accomplish at 2:30 AM?

    For the court: just make sure that you have a detailed written record describing all altercations with the defendant and any other witnesses to the behavior.

    FYI, A restraining order is just a piece of paper, but it at least it makes public record of the individual’s behavior. You really can't do much with it as far as I know, but someone else on the board may know more.

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