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    Default Unopposed Motion to Enlarge Time

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: florida
    Is it possible to request an extension to respond to a 20 day summons?

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    Default Re: Unopposed Motion to Enlarge Time

    If you bring a motion, serve it, notice it, have it heard, and convince a court to grant the relief that you are requesting before your response is due, then you can get an extension.

    If not, then I suggest getting your answer filed on time or having the other party agree in writing to give you additional time.

    If you are having trouble responding to whatever it was that was served upon you, consider retaining a lawyer to advise and assist you.

    If we are to assume that you are the respondent in a paternity case, it's usually very easy to respond to a petition claiming that you are the biological father of a child -- in most cases you admit it (not something I recommend without DNA testing), or you decline to admit or deny paterntiy and seek DNA testing.

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