My question involves personal property located in the State of: Maryland

Back on February 8, 2018 I helped a friend pick up two dressers that one of our neighbors were getting rid of and he had to store them somewhere because his son's room was not ready yet. We had talked numerous times about him coming to pick it up and he did not. Recently he and I had a disagreement as he did work at my house for tv installs and put the wires in the walls. I was unhappy with his services the last two times that he was supposed to come to my house either being 2 hours late and then calling me or cancelling on me at the 11th hour without explanation. I made a post on Facebook on my personal page about how upset I was with my "tv guy." I did not mention his name or business.

He wanted more than an apology but instead he blocked me on Facebook less than 24 hours later after asking me for this action. So he has "terminated" our friendship.

I still have the two dressers that he had stored in my garage. My garage is small and the storage in our homes as he knows is small. That being said, if I would send him an e-mail today (September 4) and said that he either needs to coordinate a time to remove the property or remove the property by Saturday (September 8) would I be okay? I believe that I could the two dressers but I have to make sure that the dimensions work in the two rooms. Saturday will be 7 months since he had originally stored them in my house.

Legally could I take ownership of these dressers? He did not pay for them as they were provided to him for free?