I live in Indiana. My husband had a potential heart attack and was rushed to the hospital, he had tests ran, and was told he was going to be admitted. We went upstairs where he was supposed be in a room and monitored the room wasn't clean. They placed him in a waiting room with no monitoring, machines, or nurses checking on him. They also removed his iv in the unsteril room and did not chart anything.
We filed a complaint with the attorney general and they told us we may wish to get a personal lawyer and that they sent the complaint to the board of health. I am still waiting on the results from the board of health.
I didn't want to proceed with court so I contacted the hospital to try and get the bill reduced for their negligence on caring for my husband. They told us they would send it higher up and would let us know. Over a year has passed and we JUST got a letter from their attorney office trying to collect the whole amount. I told the office we were still waiting on results from the board of health. this hospital lost A LOT of doctors in less than a year due to the hospital's poor treatment of staff as well.
Should I seek out a lawyer and to fight the suit or is this something I can argue on my own? We just had a child and were not expecting this.
Should I countersue since the attorney general had suggested it to begin with and the hospital treated my husband with gross negligence and possibly falsified documents? I never received an itemized bill.
I greatly appreciate any help you can provide.