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    Default Theft of Conversion Charge Shows as Nolle Prosequi

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Georgia

    Back in 2011 we had moved out of the country and was notified by a detective that there was a warrant out. I did a search and there were 2 search results on the county website:

    1) Warrant
    2) Accusation

    I am still out of the country and from time to time, I still look online on the county website to see if there's anything thats changed.

    Well, it's now 2018 and I see that in May there was movement on the Accusation search results from the county website:

    Disposition: Nolle Prosequi

    However, under the Warrant search result, nothing has changed.

    So from my research online, it seems to be that the case is dismissed?

    If so, do you think the warrant is still active since there is no changes for that specific file?

    We would be concerned if the warrant is still active as if I was to go back to the USA I would want to make sure the warrant is not active.

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    Default Re: Theft of Conversion Charge Shows as Nolle Prosequi

    If the prosecutor voluntarily dismissed the charge rather than keeping the case open, the warrant should not be active. If the court put the file on inactive status due to your failure to appear, the calendar entries should not show a "nolle prosequi". From what you have told us you appear to have a dismissed case and an active warrant, which shouldn't happen.

    As we are not able to investigate for you to find out exactly what is going on, you will need to check with a lawyer in the county where the warrant is pending.

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