My wife and I are taking custody of a 13 year old non-family member and I have a few questions. We live in California.

1. The biological mother is willing to sign informal ,caregiver affidavit, and private guardian forms but is reluctant to go through the courts. I would like a legal guardianship so I can get my health insurance to cover her needs. The child has been moved 5 times in the past year, all to private residences. When we receive caregiver status is there any recourse to gain a more formal guardianship if the biological mother is unwilling to sign forms? I believe the minor would petition to have us named guardians but I'm not sure if that even makes a difference in the eyes of the court. There is a history of neglect on the part of the biolgical mother but I don't believe any official action has been taken against her.

2. If the minor petitioned to have us named as guardians what are the chances of a court giving us guardianship? I realize there are many variables here. As I said earlier I believe that a long history of neglect could be related by the minor. Our home is stable, both employed, degrees etc...

I realize this is a vague question but any help would be greatly appreciated.