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    Default Emancipation and Non-Custodial Parent's Objections in Florida

    I am trying to get everything together to be emancipated but I'm still confused on a few things. I've read the Florida Satutes Sections 743.01 Removal of disabilities of married minors and 743.015 Disabilities of nonage; removal. I know that you must be 16 to be emancipated in Florida, you must have a job/self supportive, and have your parental sign the petition, ect.

    But here's my situation: I am 16, I have a job, a car, and I do fairly well in school (I'm almost finished with my Junior year). My boyfriend is 23 and lives in Ohio, which is where I would go to live if I get emancipated. My father, he and I have talked and he agreed to sign the petition. He also has met and actually likes my boyfriend, even considering the age difference. He is okay with everything, even my reasons for leaving and where I'll be living. I plan to finish school up in Ohio, I already have a job lined up for if I get up there, and my boyfriend is financially secure with a good home.

    Now here's the problem: My parents are divorced and I have permenant residency with my father. My mother, she lives an hour and a half away and I see her once a week but I have a feeling that she won't agree with the emancipation. I heard that you only have to ONE parent sign the petition; is that true?

    Also, what all else do you need besides a parent to sign the petition and all that it includes? And do I also have to qualify for both Florida and Ohio emancipation expectations?

    Any comments, advice, ect. would be very helpful.
    Thank you for your time.

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    panther10758 Guest

    Default Re: Questions on Emancipation situation in Florida

    Your Mother can petition to deny request and its also required she approve. Where there might be way around her approval she can still fight it and delay your departure

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